i literally give zero shits about CS nowadays and thats kinda sad considering i used to absolutely love CS lol

checked the cs tag in for the first time in forever and
you guys have not changed one bit

why the fuck are you guys even complaining about the artists being ‘lazy’
dont like the pets? dont get them. got them anyway? trade them away or delete them.

~~~~~~~*~*~*~*~**~*~*~*~~problem solved~~*~*~*~**~*~*~*~*~~~~~~~



Hi CS Tag, so I’ve decided to kinda give up on CS, so I’m deciding to hold a giveaway of my entire collection. I have the UR Apple and Banana, 1 September List and a lot of Advents along with my collection. So, because its a big collection I thought I could have 3 winners and I’d kinda split it between them. Anyone who reblogs this (with their username) before Aug. 20th will be put into a random draw and 3 will be picked. Ok, thanks guys!

RoxyKitty, thank you in advanced!<3

I just now moved all of my Event pets into their respective groups, so you can see what I have now. I’m looking for swaps. I have 2 pink bunnies, 2 of the shooting star PPS, and finally 2 of the dark night/rainy clouds pup. I don’t know their respective names so you’ll just have to check them out yourselves! I’m RoxyKitty
thanks in advanced!<3 what im looking for is on my wishlist.

im so angry because i keep getting goddamned bunnies. like uh no thanks?? i have like two of the same ones, the pink bunny. <_______>

hiya. im looking for pretty much every event pet on my wishlist. i have c$ and older pets in my trade group. username: roxykitty

i dont even like cs anymore and im considering selling my account for aywas stuff??? idk.

actually its not cs i dont like, its the community tbh

that and cs is boring






You have to admit though, that was really uncalled for. The least you coulda done was point it out a bit more nicely.

why this aywas